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SocialGrid Search System

There are two ways for our members to search for each other. The first is by using the major search engines and the second is by using the SocialGrid Search Engine, a grid application to allow for more detail searches.

Meta Tags
The SocialGrid Search System translates information that members enter on their Profile Page to meta tags (metadata), a sequence of code to be used in our search engine. This makes it possible for a member to search for other membersí profiles based on interests, characteristics, similarities, etc...

Our Search System also allows our search engine to search for ranges of criteria as well as increase the number of search criteria. For example, you can now search for ranges in age, education level, income level, and traits. Also, the unique sequence order of our Search System is able to group multiple criteria together to increase the possible number of search criteria.

Grid Computing Technology
For complex searches, we leverage Grid Computing technology, using geographically distributed computers, unified to create a supercomputer for solving data intensive computing applications. Currently, grid computing is used to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), to find the drug candidates to cure diseases, and to forecast the weather. Looking for people is similar to searching for an intelligent signal from aliens hidden in radio waves from space or searching for a strand of DNA in the human genome. To find the right person, we must find the right matching sequence.

SocialGrid Search Engine is cluster of Linux servers designed to scale up to millions of members with minimal cost. This technology will be utilize when membership grows over 100,000 members.


  1. No limit to search criteria
  2. Good for searching ranges and "or" searches
  3. Complete control of the search result ranking and quality
  4. Index is updated every day

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